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About Miami Beach's Hometown Hangout:

The team behind Homecookin’ Hospitality Group- Drunken Dragon and rácket - opened Miami Beach's upscale local’s bar in 2011. Foxhole is marked by a faint red light above an oversized door in a semi-hidden alleyway. Upon arriving, guests are exposed to a second passage door boarded with chic grey and silver wallpaper, which leads to an entrance illuminated by a neon blue sign reading “I Found Foxhole” assuring guests that they have made it to their destination. Adjacent to the sign sits a variety of entertainment including a pool table and a hanging dartboard.  Walk in a little more and one can find an island bar surrounded by sections of tables and lounges, plus a jukebox offering a range of self-select music. Projectors are dropped to show music videos, MLB and NFL games, as well as UFC pay-per-view fights. Additional seating is found on the second floor of the venue along with a smaller bar for event purposes. In seven years, Foxhole has been recognized as one of the best local hangout spots on South Beach, as well as one of the best places to visit until the sun rises. The bar’s cocktails are crafted by a chosen group of skilled and attractive bartenders.  Customers are able to enjoy small bites catered by the hospitality groups’ neighboring restaurant, Drunken Dragon, for select hours of the night.  Foxhole Bar is open 365 days a year from 5PM to 5AM, and offers a daily happy hour from 5PM to 9PM and Sunday-Thursday from 3AM to 5AM. Find us. 




Contact us to book a table for any occasion. We accept reservations for up to 300 people.

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